Over 65 years in film and tv distribution

NewGold Group  is a company involved in the production and distribution of films, documentaries, cartoons and all types of entertainment programming in the multimedia field. NewGold Group buys and sells content worldwide.Created in 1982, has taken over the historical archives of Gold Film whose origins go back to the ‘50s. NewGold Group aims to follow the footsteps of  “Gold Film”, which was a leader in its own sector, not only thanks to the distribution of films in its cinemas but also thanks to a collaboration with Rai RadioTelevisione Italiana, Reti Fininvest , with Swiss Italian television networks, Telepool and Alliance Canada.

The peak of success in the company’s growth has been New World Television’s “VALLEY OF THE DOLLS”, and films for cinemas such as “Basketball Diaries”  starring Leonardo di Caprio, “RAINBOW” with Bob Hoskins, and important negotiations between the networks and international productions and distribution companies.

The company has, moreover, co-produced with Carlo Ponti, and distributed “A SPECIAL DAY ,“CASSANDRA CROSSING”, for Thorn Emi in London, “MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS” , “PASSAGE TO INDIA”, for Lorimar “THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE”, “BEING THERE”, “ESCAPE TO VICTORY”, “FORT APACHE THE BRONX” , and has programmed in the Italian cinema circuit films like , “DESTINATION TOKIO” , “THE RED RIVER ” , “ACES HIGH” ;“THE BIG RED ONE”, “THE NIGHT OF THE GENERAL”,  “SUTJESKA”, “THE HONORARY CONSUL”, “IPCRESS”, “THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM” , “LA FAILLE” , “LE RETORU DE MARTIN GUERRE” , “THE OPTIMISTS” ; “ASH WEDNESDAY” ;”MOUSEY”- “DEATH ON THE NILE”- -“NICKELODEON”. The distribution and the sale of publishing rights of some of these titles has also been looked after by the company.

NewGold Group, has directed the company’s working activity, at first dedicated almost totally to the production and distribution of films, television films and documentaries, towards the development and distribution of cartoons and publicity spots, with the intention of gaining the trust of its clientele by the quality of its own product and with an offer of characters and character lines according to the different requests from the market.

To further increase its relevance in the audiovisual world, this continually growing company is involved in the purchase of a portfolio of high-class Italian and foreign productions in order to become a vital central point for Italian and worldwide distribution aided by the help of Italian and foreign partners. NewGold has revamped its theatrical distribution arm and is now launching seven titles a year into the Italian market, also offering theatrical distribution services to producers: this is in addition to NewGold traditional TV Distribution for Pay Tv and Free TV and international Films and TV sales. NewGold is also Producer and International Coproducer and offer production services. NewGold is able to access national credit and grants up to 85% of the film budget. Welcome to Tuscany!!